Men slammed for moving the injured schoolgirl after car accident

A seven-year-old girl was hit by a school bus in Tsz Wan Shan on Monday and was dragged out from the bottom of the vehicle by two men who attempted to rescue her. The duo’s action raised criticism from netizens reprimanding them for having “no common sense.”

At 11.23am, the girl was hit by her school bus as it drove away before she got onto the pavement. She was trapped underneath the bus.

According to footage capturing the incident, the driver and another man were seen dragging the girl’s arms to pull her out from underneath the bus. The girl was heard repeatedly crying “It hurts!”

It was reported that the girl’s feet were injured and bleeding. She was awake and was later sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The police are currently investigating the cause of the accident.

The two men’s actions raised a lot of criticism from netizens reprimanding them for having “no common sense” to move the injured before paramedics arrived.

Some pointed out that the girl’s injury was unknown at that time, and the two men should not have blindly dragged her out as it could cause further injury. “Why so eager to drag her out?” one questioned.

But some have defended the duo, as they believe it is too hot to leave the girl under the bus. “Although what they did could be inappropriate, it may be more dangerous to leave her under the bus,” one wrote.