Pang Wai-ming, 36, pleaded guilty to wounding in District Court last month for stabbing an MTR officer in the neck with a syringe at Kwai Fong MTR station on March 7, 2020.

He was sentenced to a six-month hospital order and two-years' imprisonment on Thursday. The sentences will be suspended for three years.

When passing the sentence, judge Ernest Lin Kam-hung referred to the psychiatric report of Pang which said the latter was diagnosed with delusion and psychosis and sent Pang to Siu Lam Psychiatric Centre for treatment.

Earlier in court the prosecution said Pang approached the MTR staffer from behind. He patted the employee's shoulder before stabbing the syringe's needle into his neck. The assault, which left a 1mm wound on the staffer's neck, was witnessed by two other MTR staffers.

Pang then jumped over the gate and fled. Police later found him after going through security footage. They also found two bank cards and an Octopus card which did not belong to him at his home.

Under police caution, Pang admitted that he had bad experiences with MTR staffers who stopped passengers that do not pay travel fares. He wanted to “scare” staffers, so they would not check his ticket.

In mitigation, Pang said he understood that he committed a serious offense and could face long-term imprisonment. He said he hopes Jesus will take his spirit away if he dies in prison.