Man arrested for playing ‘Glory to Hong Kong’ bidding farewell to Queen

A 43-year-old man was arrested last night suspected of “seditious intention” to play music of a protest song when mourning the late Queen Elizabeth at Admiralty.

The arrested man, named Pang, was found playing the melody by a harmonica of “Glory to Hong Kong” and Britain’s national anthem “God save the Queen” at 9:30pm on Monday night outside British Consulate General Hong Kong, while numbers of Hongkongers gathered to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

According to the police, Pang was charged with an offense to Crimes Ordinance and is now under further investigation.

It is learned that “Glory to Hong Kong” was a protest song that enjoyed great popularity during the 2019 protest but was slammed by Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung Yun-hung in July 2020 as “definitely not appropriate to play on campus” since it carried “strong political implications.”

Mourners lined up in front of the Consulate yesterday afternoon to express condolence to the late Queen Elizabeth II by laying flowers, memorial albums, and signing the condolence books. Citizens also lit candles during the night to bid farewell to the Queen while watching the live video of her funeral.