The man, surnamed Chan, was arrested in a flat at On Yam Estate in Kwai Chung on Monday evening for furious driving and failing to stop the car as requested by police.

It was understood that Chan is a member of triad society Wo Shing Wo.

The incident took place around 11pm on Sunday when a police officer rode his motorcycle along Kai Cheung Road. When reaching Wang Chiu Road, the officer spotted that a male driver was using his phone when driving, so he ordered the driver to stop his vehicle.

However, the driver ignored the cop and tried to flee by cutting into another lane.

The officer then sped up and caught up with the vehicle which stopped in front of a red light. As the officer got off his motorcycle and headed towards the car, the driver suddenly reversed his car, hitting the police motorcycle and then sped away.

The officer was not injured, and the case was handled by Sau Mau Ping district crime squad.

During police questioning, Chan denied that he was driving the vehicle at the time despite the fact that he is the car's confirmed owner. Investigation is still underway.