Cosmetics retailer Lush has removed itself from several social media sites, saying "now is the right time" to leave.

Lush will no longer use Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat "until they take action to provide a safer environment for users".

The boycott comes in the wake of allegations made by whistleblower Frances Haugen about Meta, Facebook's parent company.

Frances Haugen recently warned MPs that Instagram is more dangerous than other social media platforms.

Jack Constantine, chief digital officer and product inventor at Lush, said the firm felt "forced to take our own action".

He added: "There is now overwhelming evidence we are being put at risk when using social media".

The firm said it hoped the move would encourage platforms to introduce strict best practice guidelines.

Lush previously quit social media in 2019, but says it found itself "back on the channels, despite the best intentions".

However, it says this time is different.

"Now is the right time to find better ways to connect without putting our customers in harm's way," Mr Constantine said.

"I'm not willing to expose my customers to this harm"

The UK-based firm will impose the move across the 48 countries it operates in.

It said it would not be "anti-social" and will continue to use Twitter and YouTube.