Lunar New Year Fair to see business increase with inbound visitors returning

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Vendors at Victoria Park welcomed the largest Lunar New Year Fair launching on Monday, hoping to see an increase in business as the border reopened.

Hundreds of visitors flocked to the 175 wet goods stalls at the Fair to purchase New Year flowers, including Peach blossom trees, daffodils, and orchids.

"I expected the profit this year will increase over 20 percent compared to previous years during the pandemic," said Ko, a stall owner selling Tangerine trees.

Another stall owner Ng believed the business turnover could be up to HK$800,000 this year.

A citizen surnamed Lai said it is a tradition to purchase flowers to signify good luck for the Lunar New Year. "My shopping budget is about HK$3,000," he added.

The 2023 Lunar New Year fairs will be held at 15 locations in the city for seven days starting from Monday, with a total of 922 wet goods stalls selling New Year flowers. The bazaar in Victoria Park is the largest one.

Visitors can pick up tickets on-site or online and have to wear a mask inside the venue.