The monthly rent ranges from HK$3,970 to $4,370. The bill for water, gas, electricity and wifi, tagged about $750, will be covered in the rent as well.

The rooms are mainly double rooms that occupy about 120 square feet. There are also four barrier-free rooms that occupy around 240 square feet.

Single beds or double beds will be offered in the rooms, as well as toilets, closets, fridges and TV sets. Tenants must cook in the shared kichen located at the 2/F. They could also purchase nutritious mealboxes at HK$25 each, offered by a social enterprise under Lok Sin Tong.

Registration opens today and will be closed at midday on July 23. Tenancy agreement will begin on September 1.

Families who have been waiting for public rental housing units for three years or above, and teenagers with low income are eligible to apply for the housing scheme.

The living environment and financial status of the applicants will first be taken into account due to limited qutoa, Lok Sin Tong said.

Alice Lau Oi-sze, the chief executive of Lok Sin Tong, said the scheme in collabroation with the Transport and Housing Department, will not only benefit low income families and teenagers, but also help the hotel industry to get through tough times.