Lo Wu station sees 22,000 cross-border travelers before noon

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The MTR corporation said around 22,000 travelers have crossed the HK-mainland border via Lo Wu station that connects to the Lo Wu Control Point as of Monday noon.

The border between Hong Kong and China fully reopened today, with daily quotas and testing requirements dropped and all boundary checkpoints opened. A ban on unvaccinated travelers from anywhere in the world has also been lifted.

Travelers enjoyed a smooth cross-border journey at the Lo Wu checkpoint this morning, as many arrived at the checkpoint before the 6.30am opening mark.

People who didn't travel overseas in the previous seven days will not be required to present a 48-hour pre-arrival PCR test result, but they were still required to fill in a health declaration.

The Customs clearance took less than 20 minutes, with nearly a thousand travelers successfully crossing the border within an hour.

A primary six cross-border student told reporters that he last came to Hong Kong for in-person classes three years ago and he looked forward to finally seeing his classmates after all these years.

Staffers of the Hong Kong Tourism Board were seen at the border control point handing out “Hello, Hong Kong!” souvenirs to incoming travelers.

Separately, Secretary for Security Chris Tang Ping-keung said about 83,000 travelers have crossed the HK-mainland border through the land boundary control points as of Monday noon.