Alan Dershowitz, the lifelong liberal and Harvard law professor, says the news media took President Trump's comments out of context during a call with Georgia elections officials and there is no crime apparent on the tape recording that created a political firestorm over the weekend.

"Well, every major media is taking it out of context," Dershowitz said during an interview Monday on the Just the News television show "The Watercooler with David Brody" in which he discussed reports that Trump's comments to Georgia officials amounted to a request to manufacture votes and overturn the election

"He's not saying I want you to create the vote," said Dershowitz. "He's not saying I want you to manufacture or concoct the votes. He's saying, and he's been saying this for months, on Twitter and his statements and his campaign's, he thinks that people voted for him and those votes weren't counted. He's entitled as a citizen, as a candidate, to say, 'I want you to find those votes, I want you to find the votes that will pass for me and what weren't counted, I want you to find votes that were cast against me that shouldn't have been counted — by people who are dead people, who are out of state."

"I've been teaching criminal law for over 50 years," he added. "I went through every word of that transcript, there is no crime there, period."