The weather warnings issued by the observatory yesterday and today (Saturday) have caused controversy among citizens. Many doubted while the city was hit by tropical cyclone Lionrock, the station failed to issue the right weather warning at the right time.

On that Leung defended the decision of the station, which only issued the black rainstorm warning signal around midday yesterday.

He said citizens thought the station should have issued the Strong Wind Signal No.8 only because of the heavy rain and wind. In fact the wind could only be regarded as strong at that time and was not enough for the station to issue the No.8 signal warning, he pointed out.

On the other hand, there was gale force wind by the west of Hong Kong today and it was a right decision for the station to have issued the No. 8 signal warning, even the wind in urban area seemed weak.

He added the station makes the decision based on data and statistics, and there are always uncertainties, calling on the public to go easy on the observatory.