After the first round of opposition primaries, a 49-year-old lawyer is now a leading candidate to lead the unified opposition to elections early next year, hoping to end a decade of Oban’s power. is.

She has extensive experience in the state administration and could become Hungary’s first female prime minister if she wins the second round of the opposition primary and is elected in early 2022.

Dobreff, the granddaughter of a high-ranking Communist Party official, grew up in a wealthy district of Budapest.

She has repeatedly stated that she disagrees with the political views of her deceased grandparents because her family background was a frequent target of political attacks by Oban’s ruling Fidesz party.

Dobreff worked for a socialist government after earning a bachelor’s degree in economics and law. She quit her job in 2004 when her husband, Ferenc Gyurcsany, became prime minister.

A mother of three children, she took on the ritual role of the First Lady, but she once told the interviewer that she had doubts about her ability to “wear beautifully and just smile in the background.” ..

Gulchani resigned as Prime Minister in 2009 and established a new party, the Democratic Union. Dobreff was a co-founder, but remained in the background until he became the party’s face in the European Parliament elections in 2019.

Under the leadership of Dobreff, the party won more than 16% of the votes and almost tripled its support from the previous year, when it won 5.38% in national elections. She won a seat in the European Parliament, where she was elected Vice President.

During her latest campaign, Dobreff promised to reduce poverty, work on the euro recruitment as soon as possible and support the rights of LGBTQ + people.

She says she will dismantle Oban’s political system, including a constitution that she considers illegal.

But her husband has remained a deeply divided person since the tape was leaked from a party convention where he talked about lying to voters in 2006. The image of Gulchani is widely used by Fides in an attempt to undermine the credibility of the opposition.