The trial scheme of the e-payment system will run on 39 routes, involving 500 buses, and they mainly travel via Star Ferry, Tsim Sha Tsui and Tsing Sha Highway Bus Interchange, and include some recreational routes as well.

E-payment system logos will be shown on the route display panel and at the front of the involved buses gradually, allowing passengers to choose their payment method and prepare their payment device in advance.

Passengers will be able to place the contactless credit card, use the e-wallet, or scan the QR code through the one-stop fare reader to pay the fare when boarding. The reader is preset to adult fares. Children aged under 12 and people aged 65 and over should press the button on the reader’s top right or choose an appropriate bus fare option on its app to enjoy a half-fare discount.

However, the Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme and the Government’s Public Transport Fare Concession Scheme for the Elderly and Eligible Persons with Disabilities [$2 Fare Concession Scheme] are not yet applicable to this new e-payment system.