Joseph Lam Chok to defend himself for Central careless driving case

Barrister-turn-insurance manager Joseph Lam Chok has a case to answer after he pleaded not guilty to careless driving for crashing his sports car at a Central car park last June, the Eastern Magistrates' Courts ruled on Thursday.

“I will be defending myself in court, and that's when the show begins,” said Lam, whose law mentor is the famous senior counsel Cheng Huan, as he greeted the media alongside his girlfriend, Hiromi Wada, outside the court building.

Lam received a court summons accusing him of careless driving after he crashed his red sports car into a pillar at the car park in Cheung Kong Center on June 10 last year.

The case was first mentioned at the Eastern Court last October, and a hearing was scheduled today (Thu) after Lam pleaded not guilty.

After the prosecutors made their opening statement and submitted evidence, magistrate Gary Chu Man-hon ruled that Lam has a case to answer.

A car park worker for Cheung Kong Center surnamed Wong told the court she was sitting inside the toll booth when Lam approached her and said he crashed his car into a pillar. Wong then followed Lam to the scene and saw the bottom of the pillar was sunken. Small parts from the front of Lam's red car were also scattered on the ground.

Wong then instructed another worker to contact the property management office as Lam left behind a name card and told Wong to call him if there was any update.

On the other hand, a security supervisor surnamed Lui told the court that Lam inspected the scene and took photos after the incident. Lam also checked the security camera footage and claimed the incident occurred because of slick tires.

Lui continued that although Lam said he would take responsibility for the incident, Lam pointed out that it was only a minor incident and questioned if there was any proof that the damage to the pillar was done by him.

The hearing continues this afternoon.

Lam, who graduated from Harrow School and Oxford University in the UK, is now a senior regional manager for Prudential Hong Kong. He also has a habit of showing off his six-digit monthly paycheck on social media.