John Lee touts Hong Kong's rule of law as Legal Week kicks off

Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu lauded on Monday that the legal system of Hong Kong contributed to its development, saying the legal summit demonstrated the city is back on the global stage.

A five-day Hong Kong Legal Week event organised by the Department of Justice kicked off on Monday, featuring 27 legal experts and academics from around the world.

During the opening of the Asia-Pacific Private International Law Summit on the first day of the event, Lee said he had a positive perspective on Hong Kong's legal system.

"The Basic Law in Hong Kong will not only ensure the city's maintenance of the common law system," he said, "but confirm the independence of jurisdiction, as well as protecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens."

He added that Hong Kong enjoys the status as a centre for providing mediation services for international disputes in Asia-Pacific regions, noting the International Organization for Mediation Preparatory Office in Hong Kong is scheduled to be set up under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' plan.

"Together with the last financial summit held last week, Hong Kong proved it had returned to the world stage," Lee said.

Liu Guangyuan, commissioner of China's foreign ministry office in Hong Kong, touted "One country, two systems" as the basis for maintaining stability in Hong Kong.

"The rule of law must be implemented thoroughly as it is the most reliable form of governance," he said, noting Hong Kong society is currently facing "deep-rooted" problems.