The campaign team also hanging banner on the streets starting Thursday, including a pink one in North Point that says “Building a caring society together and increasing opportunities for youngsters to move up in society.”

In China's Fourteenth Five-Year Plan released last year, it said China will support Hong Kong to enhance and develop as international financial center, transportation center, aviation hub and IT hub.

It is understood that Lee's manifesto will cover attracting talents from overseas to stay in Hong Kong, including those from the innovation and technology sector.

It is also understood that Lee will also propose measures on strengthening patriotic education in order to strengthen students' sense of national identity and nurture citizens' recognition as a Chinese national.

Different political parties and organizations headed to Lee's election office in Central Plaza and gave their recommendations on policy-making over the past few days.

The election team said the former No. 2 official has already gathered the recommendations into his manifesto and will announce it at 11am on Friday in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

It is understood that a one-hour Q&A session will follow after Lee announces his manifesto. Lee will first answer questions raised by members of the Election Committee and then those by reporters.

“We will invite citizens from Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and New Territories to attend to the conference, and will introduce the manifesto to them in details,” said Tam Yiu-chung, director of Lee's campaign office.

“The manifesto will be released online as well. We also invite media to hear Lee announcing his manifesto live.”