John Lee awaits Beijing's approval on cabinet namelist

Incoming Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu said on Friday that work on inviting talents to join his government went well and he has submitted the namelist of his cabinet for Beijing's approval already.

Speaking to media in the evening, Lee didn't spell out any name explicitly and said the list of his cabinet will be disclosed to the public after obtaining approval from the Central Government.

He continued that he made the selection according to the candidates' experience, knowledge, execution ability in certain fields, who also share the same vision on policy-making with him.

Lee added that his new cabinet covers talents with different backgrounds, including current government officials, civil servants, those serving the communities and professionals.

He hoped his management team values team spirit and can unite the society efficiently through their interpersonal network.

On another note, Lee expressed gratitude towards the current government team for their service to the city in the past five years. In the face of challenges and adversity, he and the team built a sense of togetherness and developed respect towards each other.

“We are always partners, and you will always be my good teachers and friends,” Lee said.

Although not every one can stay for the new government, Lee still wished them luck in serving the city in other positions in the future.

When asked about updates of applying wavier for penalty of submitting election documents late, Lee only said the incident entered legal procedures already and refused to further comment on the issue.