Japanese actress Yuko Takeuchi was found dead at her home in Tokyo early Sunday after appearing to commit suicide, people close to the matter said.

Takeuchi, 40, was found hanging by one of her family members and was later confirmed dead at hospital, they said. No suicide note has been found.

She received a number of film awards in Japan including the Japanese Academy Award for best actress in a leading role for three years in a row from 2004, according to her official website.

Takeuchi’s death follows the suicide of Japanese actress Ashina Sei and that of South Korean actress Oh In-hye this month.

It also comes after the suicide of Maria Hamasaki, a 23-year-old contestant on The Bachelor Japan reality show, in late August. Hamasaki ran a business to deliver South Korean cosmetic items and also worked as a model.

Hana Kimura, a 22-year-old female professional wrestler and cast member of the popular Japanese reality show series Terrace House, committed suicide in May after receiving a barrage of hateful messages on social media.