Japan invasion 101 available as Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defense set to reopen

More content related to the history of the Japanese invasion of China, the Japanese attack on Hong Kong, and the Battle of Hong Kong will be provided as the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defense is set to reopen on November 24.

The museum will reopen to the public for free after a major revamp, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department announced on Tuesday.

Other available content will include the Hong Kong-Kowloon Independence Brigade of the East River Column to deepen public awareness of this chapter of Hong Kong's history.

“Multimedia elements, innovative presentation methods, and a thematic approach are injected in the revamped permanent exhibition and the historical trail of the museum to narrate the unique story of Hong Kong's coastal defense,” a statement read.

The museum comprises the Reception Building, the Redoubt, and the Historical Trail.

The new permanent exhibition in the Redoubt, “The Story of Hong Kong Coastal Defense,” consists of 11 galleries, which include the introduction of military presence under successive dynasties, military arrangements, port facilities, and the history of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression.

The galleries will also tell the stories of multi-ethnic soldiers who served in Hong Kong as well as the Chinese People's Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison.

Twenty-four checkpoints are set up on the Lyemun Fort Historical Trail, including the Torpedo Station built in a cave on the shore, the Lyemun Redoubt on the hilltop, and batteries and caponiers.

HKMCD, the city's only military museum, is converted from the Lyemun Fort. Its facilities were severely damaged by super typhoon Mangkhut in 2018. Since then, it has been closed for repair work and renovation.

Visitors must use the LeaveHomeSafe app to scan the venue's QR code and fulfill the vaccine pass requirement. Those holding Red and Amber Health Code will be barred from entry.