Iran Unveils 'Fattah' Hypersonic Missile with Range of 870 Miles and Capability to Bypass Air Defenses

Iran unveiled its first domestically made hypersonic missile named "Fattah" which has a range of 870 miles, can travel at up to 15 times the speed of sound and is claimed to be able to bypass air defense systems.

Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi attended the unveiling and claimed it as a deterrent to secure the region.

Only four other countries have hypersonic missiles.

Iran said it is building a hypersonic ballistic missile that can maneuver in and out of the atmosphere.

The US and Israel have expressed alarm over Iran's missile program in the past.

Recent reports suggest that Iran is set to receive $24 billion in funds, including from South Korea, Iraq, and the IMF, which may be linked to the release of European and US prisoners.

Iran's production of uranium enriched up to 60% has no credible peaceful purpose and is not used by any other country.

Israel's economy minister, Nir Barkat, says that Israel will never allow Iran to have nuclear weapons and that Iran should be concerned about the possibility of a nuclear weapon.

A reworked nuclear deal with Iran would be seen as a betrayal by the exiled Iranian opposition and would also anger Ukraine, which has been affected by Iranian-made drones.