I’m not that stupid! Pickering says he won’t run as independent

Former Deputy Premier Dr Kedrick Pickering has argued that party politics has failed the BVI and said the territory has now come to a place where it needs to have more “independent minded thinking people”.

However he wanted to assure residents that he would not be flying solo on his mission to change the current dynamic.

The former Seventh District Representative said he would not be running for election as an Independent At-Large candidate.

“I ain’t stupid enough to think that I could do nothing by myself, I’m not that stupid,” Dr Pickering told residents at a political meeting in Virgin Gorda recently.

He added: “I ain’t trying to do nothing by myself because no one man can rule and do this and do that by himself and I’m not here purely because I’m running for elections.”

Dr Pickering dismissed assertions that his twenty years spent in office as a legislator should disqualify him from running for office again and that he should give others a chance to represent the territory.

“It is those exactly twenty years that I spent in the House of Assembly why I’m here this evening. Because I have the necessary experience and knowledge. I have travelled far and wide representing this country,” Dr Pickering said. “So contrary to what people might be saying about those twenty years, those twenty years are exactly what this country needs now.”

The former legislator also argued that he was not engaging with residents for his own personal gain, but was instead only trying to help his country given the fact that he has the requisite knowledge and experience to do the job.

We could be like TCI

Dr Pickering told residents that he wasn’t trying at the time to convince residents to vote for him, suggesting that the time for that would arrive at a later date.

The former Seventh District Representative said he was there to warn residents that the territory’s relationship with the United Kingdom has left it in deep trouble. “I’m here to warn you, to try and get you to understand and appreciate that the United Kingdom is going to suspend our constitution if we allow it,” Dr Pickering said.

He argued that the Turks and Caicos Islands are still recovering from a 2009 suspension of their constitution and said some officials in that territory have been facing charges for years that are yet to be brought before the courts.

General elections are constitutionally due in the BVI sometime before the end of May of next year, but few candidates have so far expressed an intention to run for election.