Bodycam footage provided to Storyful on December 19, by Carl Williams, reportedly an attorney representing arrested demonstrators shows an officer during the early hours of June 1.

“Dude, dude, dude, I f—-ing drove down Tremont—there was an unmarked state police cruiser they were all gathered around,” the officer says. “So then I had a f——- keep coming, f—-ing running,” he continues. “I’m f—-ing hitting people with the car, did you hear me, I was like, ‘get the f—- -’”.

The officer wearing the body camera walks away from the man before returning and saying “it’s on”.

The other officer seen in the footage continues: “Oh, no no no no no, what I’m saying is, though, that they were in front, like, I didn’t hit anybody, like, just driving, that’s all…my windows were closed, the s—- was coming in.”

According to The Appeal, Williams collected over sixty hours of bodycam footage, including footage of officers deploying tear gas and violently clashing with protesters. Credit: Boston Police Department via Storyful