Hung Shui Kiu transitional housing to welcome 410 families by second quarter of 2023

Transitional housing at Hung Shui Kiu started construction on Tuesday, expected to provide 410 units by the second quarter of next year.

The project, operated by Yan Oi Tong, is located at Hung Yuen Road near Hung Shui Kiu station and Hung Fuk Estate. It occupies 5,339 square meters and will build two blocks of four-story residential buildings with 410 units, housing approximately 786 people. Each flat has its bathroom and cooking space.

Under Secretary for Transport and Housing Raymond So Wai-man said the project provided specific support to tenants and promoted mutual help among neighbors. He added that citizens could get their living environment improved after moving to transitional housing.

Cheng Wai-ying, Chairperson of Yan Oi Tong, said she hoped the project could also provide employment support, students' homework assistance and childcare services for residents. It will also set up public facilities such as organic farming and integrated centers to organize different interest groups and make residents feel at home.