Housewife sentenced to 9 years in prison for scamming HK$30 million in loans

A housewife was sentenced to nine years behind bars on Tuesday for fraud, where she stole her relatives' property and personal information to obtain over HK$30 million in loans from a finance company.

Mary Wong, the 44-year-old defendant, faced her sentence ruled by Judge Esther Toh Lye-ping at the High Court today.

According to the court, the defendant has used the personal information from some of her relatives and former insurance clients, fabricating authorizations in their names to grant her authority to obtain loans on their four properties.

The defendant’s uncle and aunt called the police after receiving a letter from the loan company respectively asking them to repay the mortgages they had taken out on the properties in their names in September 2015. The police further received two reports from the defendant’s insurance clients claiming that they had suffered the same situation.

Police found the defendant had defrauded a total of around HK$32.4 million in loans.

The defendant then turned herself in and admitted the motivation for her to defraud was that the laundry store she ran was in a bad operating situation, and she needed money for her newly born daughter.

In court today, Judge Toh granted the defendant a reduction in her sentence, taking her voluntary surrender and guilty plea into account, reducing her 12-year imprisonment sentence to nine years.