Hotel in Thailand’s Chiang Mai slashes room rates to less than 3 cents per night to boost tourism

To attract more visitors, a hotel in Thailand’s Chiang Mai has come up with a unique special offer: rooms for just 1 baht ($0.027) per night Joint initiative by the Harmonize Hotel, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and the Robinhood app is only available until August 7

According to TAT director for northern Thailand, Saraswadee Asasapphakit, the aim is to draw in more visitors again in the second half of the year, with a desired hotel occupancy rate of 55 per cent.

The tourism sector, which is crucial to Thailand, had almost come to a complete standstill during the pandemic and had only recovered slowly at first – also because very complicated entry regulations were in force for a long time.

As of July 1, however, visitors only have to present a vaccination card or a negative coronavirus test upon arrival. The requirement to wear a mask outdoors has also largely been lifted.

However, the country is still far from its pre-pandemic figures: In 2019, some 40 million people travelled to the holiday destination known for its beaches and temples, among other things.

If the current trend continues, officials expect at least 8 million international holidaymakers by the end of the year