Hong Kong to conduct citywide survey on citizens’ travel patterns and behavior

The Transport Department on Monday announced that the Travel Characteristics Survey 2022 will be conducted from September to December to collect up-to-date information on Hong Kong people's travel patterns and behavior.

The survey will need about 35,000 randomly selected households to participate, with households able to choose between online questionnaires, telephone interviews, or in-person interviews.

The department said the information collected will be used to update and enhance the strategic transport model and to forecast future traffic conditions.

“The traffic forecasts will provide essential references for the planning of transport infrastructure and the formulation of transport policies, such that the future transport system can better meet the needs of the public,” it said.

The survey will collect two key types of information. The first type is trip information of individual household members, such as time of trips, transport modes used, interchange locations and destinations.

The other type is the factors affecting their travel characteristics and views on various transport facilities, such as the use of private cars, considerations in choosing transport modes and elderly people's opinions towards transport services.

The department reminded that selected households for the survey will receive notification letters inviting their participation in batches. Households which has not made an appointment to complete the survey will be visited by survey officers to assist in completing the survey.

“All household members will be invited to participate in the survey. For children and elderly who are unable to answer the questionnaire on their own, other household members can reply on their behalf. Each household member will take around 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire, depending on the actual trip details,” the department wrote in a statement.

“For ease of identification by the households, survey officers will wear a blue uniform and carry a blue satchel, as well as a name tag with photos issued by the Transport Department…the survey officers will [also] follow stringent anti-pandemic measures,” it read.

The department has earmarked some HK$15 million for the survey, with the first report expected to be out by mid-next year.