Once the city’s biggest pro-democratic party, the Democratic Party confirmed it has not received any submissions from its members to take part in the December 19 election, with the deadline for submissions being today (Monday).

The party earlier set up an internal selection mechanism. Members interested in running must secure 40 nominations from fellow members, including 20 from their own district branch and five from each of the four district branches of the party.

Only one member -- June 4 activist Han Dongfang -- has expressed interest in running in the election. But he received fewer than 10 nominations, as he has not actively participated in the party’s activities over the past 10 years.

Founding member Fred Li Wah-ming, who wished for the party to send its candidates to the upcoming elections, said the outcome is disappointing and saddening.

He also voiced his discontent over the central committee raising the threshold for running for Legco, which drove away members who intended to run.

As Li awaits chairman Lo Kin-hei’s announcement on future directions for the Democratic Party, he said he will consider parting ways with the party if it cannot develop in a healthy way.

“The nomination period for the Legco election will begin soon, I will keep an eye on members withdrawing from the party to stand in the election, and I am willing to help with their campaigns,” he said.