By now we have more experts than casualties in the coronavirus pandemic in Hong Kong. Basically, we don’t have a crisis.

The crisis we face is an undecided government that doesn’t have a clue. The crisis we face is experts who contradict each other, but also don’t have a clue.

The only guidelines we get are: wear face masks, respect social distancing and get vaccinated. Those are no guidelines when there are no reopening plans or dates set, and restrictions on personal freedoms continue without adequate scientific evidence, even for the vaccinated.

I would say enough is enough.

With scientists in the dark and a flip-flopping government, the so-called crisis will never end. Time to call an end to this farce.

Open borders, lift quarantine for fully vaccinated travellers, stop with the face-mask saga.

Then wait and see the results of these relaxed measures.

There may be a few more cases, but surely nothing compared with the damage done to our society so far.

Wisdom has never been an asset of this government, nor the previous ones, but I truly wish for the light at the end of the tunnel.