Hong Kong rescue team continues searching work in Turkey while braving the chilly weather

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The Hong Kong rescue team is still searching for survivors in the quake-hit Turkish city of Antakya, despite bitterly cold weather, after three were successfully freed from debris yesterday.

In a video press briefing on Sunday, the Commander of the search and rescue team Yiu Men-yeung said the group was now facing the challenges posed by the harsh environmental conditions.

"It is extremely cold here with only five degrees Celsius outdoors during the day time, and the temperature drops below zero at night," he said.

"Roads were severely damaged with unstable telecommunications. We also saw aftershocks and the collapse of most buildings, which brought more difficulties to our rescue work," he added.

"However, We will grasp any effort to search and rescue survivors if there is one ray of chance."

The 59-member rescue team headed to Turkey last Wednesday to assist with rescue work after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake jolted the country.

At around 5.30pm yesterday, the rescue team noticed sounds coming from a building where excavation work was being carried out, and dug a channel to successfully rescue three people.

Even though the first 72 hours for rescuing have passed, the team has no plan for an immediate withdrawal so far, Yiu said.