Formerly known as The Open University of Hong Kong, the school is now officially called The Hong Kong Metropolitan University.

President Paul Lam Kwan-sing set three goals for the university, including providing excellent education, nurturing talents and raising students to become righteous civilians that contribute to the society.

He added that the university is self-financing and that there would be pressure when looking for resources and funding for research. The university will focus its resources on specified fields on Hong Kong and relevant regions to produce the best results, he continued.

On the other hand, Michael Wong Yick-kam, the chairman of the university's council, said many stakeholders noted that the former name of Open University does not reflect the status of the school or match with the school's future development pathway.

Wong pointed out that many graduates had a tough time finding jobs, as many employers misunderstand the school's old name.

He said teaching and learning, as well as research projects of the university, will be directed towards Hong Kong and nearby regions in the future, which will strengthen the connection between the city and the Greater Bay Area.