Hong Kong hotel bookings see a three-fold increase after border reopening

Hotel bookings soared by 300 percent, while tourist hotspot ticket sales saw a ten-fold increase during the Chinese New Year, according to online statistics by a traveling network site.

The statistic came after the reopening of the border and the service resumption of the high-speed rail between Guangdong and Hong Kong.

Meituan, a Chinese travel and retail platform, stated that Hong Kong has become one of the hottest locations for mainland tourists during the Lunar New Year as the search for train tickets to the city has gone up over 3.5 times.

Song, who took the high-speed rail on the first day of the reopening, stated that she had not been to Hong Kong for three years due to the pandemic. She and her boyfriend booked tickets to Disneyland and the hotel rooms immediately after learning about the reopening of Hong Kong.

Guangzhou resident Chen stated that she had planned everything before heading out and wanted to buy Hong Kong specialties to enjoy during the New Year.