Hong Kong employees' stress index tops East Asia

Employees in Hong Kong are under the most stress in East Asia, as the rate of feeling anger, stress, worry, and sadness tops all other countries in the region, a survey found.

US research organization Gallup has recently released the State of the Global Workplace 2022 Report, which showed that the stress index of global employees has soared to record levels in 12 years.

Forty-four percent of respondents said they feel stressed every day, while the pressure from work in East Asia topped the entire world.

Among six places in East Asia - China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and Mongolia, Hong Kong recorded the highest stress index, with 53 percent of employees reporting feeling pressure at work.

The number in China was 50 percent, followed by Japan (43 percent), South Korea (38 percent), Taiwan (33 percent), and Mongolia (18 percent).

The report also showed that Hong Kong employees have the highest percentage of feeling daily anger, stress, and sadness", with 25 percent, 40 percent, and 18 percent of respondents reported having such feelings, respectively.

Japan ranked fifth in daily stress and daily sadness, with 30 percent and 11 percent, respectively, and a lower 15 percent in daily anger.