Hong Kong Airlines advised to maintain Turbulence Working Group following 2019 accident

Hong Kong Airlines should maintain its Turbulence Working Group as a routine safety function, an investigation report into a turbulence accident involving a plane flying to Hong Kong suggested, where an aircrew member sustained a leg injury.

The accident took place at about noon on June 18, 2019, as the Airbus A330-243 was enroute from Beijing to Hong Kong and encountered severe turbulence at the Nansha District, Guangzhou City in Guangdong.

In the accident, one of the cabin crew sustained a lower leg injury to her right foot and was conveyed to North Lantau Hospital for medical treatment after the aircraft landed safely at Hong Kong International Airport. She was later transferred to Prince Margaret Hospital.

The investigation was conducted by a team of professional investigators in strict adherence to standards established by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

It concluded that the accident was caused by unexpectedly severe turbulence during the aircraft's descent into Hong Kong.

The team then suggested Hong Kong Airlines to maintain the Turbulence Working Group as a routine safety function, which the airline already did on the day of accident.

The group was formed to review the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) related to Turbulence management and previous occurrences, in order to identify areas with potential for improvement.

“The objective of the investigation was to identify the circumstances and causes of the accident with a view to preventing a recurrence,” a spokesperson for Air Accident Investigation Authority said.

Throughout the investigation, all parties concerned were properly consulted on the report. The report is available for download at the AAIA webpage.