The construction of the complex near Sheung Foo Street and King Man House in Ho Man Tin Estate will be discussed in a council meeting on Thursday.

The document and design plan revealed the structure will have a gross floor area of about 1,744 square meters.

The floor plan also showed that the complex will have a rooftop structure.

The complex will include a community hall for the Home Affairs Department on its first and second floor, which can house 450 people, a stage, a meeting room, female and male dressing rooms as well as a baby care room. It will also have a multipurpose conference room.

An integrated community center for mental wellness will be on the third floor, while the fourth and fifth floor will be a residential care home for the elderly cum day care unit. These facilities will be under the Social Welfare Department.

A Kowloon City district health center under the Food and Health Bureau will be set up on the sixth and seventh floor while an integrated family service center under the Social Welfare Department will be on the eighth floor.

The Architectural Services Department completed a conceptual design for the proposed government complex and submitted it to the district council for discussion.

The idea for building the complex in Ho Man Tin came after Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po proposed in the 2018/19 budget that HK$8 billion be set aside to speed up the building of new facilities in districts, or to improve existing facilities in districts in the wake of rising expectations by residents for services at district facilities.

Chan has said that the Home Affairs Bureau will coordinate and follow up with the relevant policy bureaux and departments.