Steve Lo, the chairman of the Accommodation Committee, sent a letter to the students' union on Wednesday. He requested the union to move out of the Composite Building within seven days.

However, student societies and associations can still make use of the existing space of the building, as they complete registration with the Accommodation Committee, and reach a mutual agreement on terms and conditions with the university.

Earlier the university said it would no longer recognize the student union, after it passed, retracted and apologized for a motion that pays tribute to the lone attacker in Causeway Bay.

Some students hoped the school will continue to communicate with the union so that activities can be carried on. Some pointed out there should be a students' union in the school, otherwise the rights and interests of students will be damaged.

On the other hand, some students said the arrangement won't have an impact on their daily lives as they seldom access the building. There are students from Mainland that support the school's decision as well, saying they are sick of the union's propaganda at school.