HK to see a full recovery, John Lee says in New Year message

Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu said Hong Kong will get rid of the shadow of the epidemic and thrive again in the new year. 

Lee said in the new year message that the city is stepping into a stable recovery from the epidemic, with a safe and orderly staging of international events and a better overall social atmosphere.

The government has two major goals in 2023, he added. The first is to return people's lives to pre-epidemic status, adding that Hong Kong will shine its grace again on the international stage with the rapid rebound of economic activities bringing an optimistic outlook to all sectors of society.

Secondly, Lee said the government will implement the initiatives set out in the Policy Address, addressing people's concerns about well-being, building a healthy and vibrant environment, and promoting the development and education of the youth.

"I am certain that 2023 would be a new chapter for Hong Kong, as the government will try its utmost effort to promote livelihood and economy to ensure that the city gets free from the epidemic and back to normal in the new year," Lee said.