He wrote on his blog saying that the city’s development has remained stagnant in the past ten years, and explained there were political disputes continuously clogging the government’s governance efficiency, with not much legislature work done.

Chan said the violence, separatism and advocacy of Hong Kong independence during the social unrest in 2019 have damaged the city’s security, justice and investment environment.

He added that imposing the national security laws has restored order and executing electoral reform has completely changed the ecosystem of the Legislative Council.

He also said the new order of “patriot rules Hong Kong” will ensure the city again to be safe, politically stable and in order.

“From Hong Kong’s development track, we know it is necessary to engage internationally, yet it is fundamental to rely on the country,” he wrote.

The city’s prosperity and opportunities depend on its engagement in China's 14th Five Year Plan and the development of the Greater Bay Area, according to Chan.

He pointed out the potential of Hong Kong in different aspects as well, including technology innovation, finance, art and cultural exchange.