HK rescuers arrive in Türkiye's worst-hit province; join up with Chinese rescue team

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A Hong Kong search and rescue team arrived in Türkiye's worst-hit province Hatay at 9.30am Hong Kong time and has joined up with members of the China search and rescue team preparing for operations.

Hatay, which borders northwest Syria, is the worst-hit province in Türkiye, with at least 872 people killed. Residents complained of inadequate emergency response, and rescue workers said they have struggled to get equipment.

The team from Hong Kong consists of officers from the Fire Services Department, the Security Bureau, and the immigration and health departments.

The team took over eight tonnes of equipment, including cutting machines and life detectors, and will work with local search and rescue teams. The team also brought along two search-and-rescue dogs.

They arrived at Adana in southern Türkiye at 7.30pm Hong Kong time yesterday and are expected to spend a week in the city.