That was in reply to a question by Legislative Council member Wendy Hong Wen, who learned that the third runways of the airport here and in Shenzhen would be completed in 2024 and 2025.

Hong had asked whether the SAR had started talks with mainland authorities and GBA airports on rationalizing the rights to use airspace and coordinating air traffic management systems.

She was concerned "conflicts" may arise regarding airspace rights upon completion of the third runways as they will use different traffic management systems - the two airports are in close proximmity, with the orientation of their runways being perpendicular.

Chan said the Civil Aviation Department and its mainland and Macau counterparts formed a Pearl River delta region air traffic management planning and implementation tripartite working group in 2004.

The group has produced a GBA fast time simulation modeling report last year that explores new ideas about airspace development in the GBA and provides a solid foundation for cooperation.

"It will launch a study on airspace planning of the airport cluster in the GBA and continue to proactively explore suitable application of new technologies to promote advancement and enhancement of air traffic control operations through innovations," Chan said.

The administration, he added, will also make progressive efforts to achieve its target capacity of 102 air traffic movements per hour in the long run for the third runway.