Speaking on a radio program this morning, Nip said the government plans to set pop-up vaccination sites at one or two hospitals, and is now mulling relevant arrangements with the Hospital Authority.

He referred to figures that the vaccination rate for elderly aged 70 or above has yet to reach 30 percent.

Nip pointed out that elderly usually see doctors at hospitals and gave the example of seeing a specialist doctor, saying a visit would take up to hours. The new arrangement would allow elderly to get the jabs more conveniently after they see a doctor and learn that their conditions are stable.

The government will also contact shopping malls that are visited by many elderly and arrange medical consultation session and outreach vaccination services.

“We will try every possible channel to facilitate the elderly to get the jabs including arranging outreach service at shopping malls, in housing estates, or arranging talks, medical consultation and vaccination service on site in different districts,” Nip said.

Nip encouraged elderly to get the jabs before the city enters winter influenza season.