The Council for Sustainable Development launched the public interaction phase of the public engagement on control of single-use plastics on Thursday.

It aims to initiate the discussion to exploring ways to gradually control non-essential and hard-to-recycle single-use plastic items. Those items included festive items like glow sticks and thundersticks, plastic packing of fruit and eggs, as well as polystyrene foam products used to contain meat.

The interaction phase will consult the public on when should relevant regulations take place, and how they should be enacted. The council also wished to know how citizens will react to such regulations, which may include total ban or levy charged for using these plastic products.

A series of activities will be held in the coming three months, including town hall meetings, a youth forum, school activities and briefing sessions.

The council said they look forward to hearing from the public on "what to reduce, by how much and when to reduce".

The public interaction phase will run until December 29. Citizens can visit the Council's website for more information. They can also share their views on the matter by emailing to