The taxi flipped to one side after crashing into railings on the side of Shek Wai Kok Road off Shek Kuk House, Shek Wai Kok Estate, at around 12.20am.

The scene was witnessed by at least eight passers-by, who ran to the taxi and helped hold the vehicle still, so that the trapped driver could be rescued.

Photos uploaded by witnesses showed the Good Samaritans stood on their tiptoes as they tried to peel open the vehicle’s right front door and let the driver out.
Firemen soon arrived at the scene and took over, getting the man out of the taxi.

The driver, a 50-year-old male surnamed Lee, reported pain in his neck, hips and back, as well as bruises on his hand. He was sent to Yan Chai Hospital in a stable condition.

Earlier in August, passersby also helped rescue wounded pedestrians in a fatal traffic accident in Tai Po.

A taxi ran over multiple people after not stopping for the red light at Kwong Fuk Road, killing two and injuring eight more. Pedestrians helped lift the taxi, in order to rescue a pregnant woman and a child trapped underneath the vehicle.