A 55-year-old foreigner, diagnosed with bloom cancer, erroneously received a Sinovac jab, although he picked BioNTech jabs while consulting a doctor.

He mistakenly went to Kowloon Bay Sports Centre for vaccination last month, but he was supposed to go to Kwun Tong Hiu Kwong Street Sports Centre.

Speaking on a radio programme, Kwok said there were few checkpoints in the vaccination centre to confirm the patient identity and vaccine brands. “It is quite careless to give a wrong vaccine.”

He added that both the vaccination centre and the patient have responsibilities, as he did not alert the vaccines received.

“Citizens have to show their messages for an appointment while arriving at the vaccination centre,” Kwok said.

“Unless the receptionist checks the message word by word, they may not notice the vaccination location.”

He added that the medical staff repeatedly confirmed whether the patient agreed to be vaccinated. Kwok was also uncertain about which procedure made a mistake in the accident. “This incident is a bit nonsensical,” Kwok commented.