Free-flow tolling system first to be implemented at Tsing Sha Control Area this February

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Hong Kong’s free-flow tolling system - HKeToll, will be implemented at the Tsing Sha Control Area this February, and at Shing Mun Tunnels and Lion Rock Tunnel the following month, the Transport Department announced on Friday.

The new system to be implemented at all government tolled tunnels and Tsing Sha Control Area in phases by end 2023 enables motorists to pay tunnel tolls via remote means using toll tags without stopping or queueing up at toll booths.

A “Free-Flow Tolling System” will automatically detect vehicles passing through tolled tunnels, and processes toll payments after detecting the Vehicle Tag - a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sticker tag affixed on the windscreen of a motor vehicle.

The tunnel tolls will be debited from the registered payment account when the vehicle passes through a tolled tunnel upon implementation of the service.

Assistant Commissioner for Transport Honson Yuen Hong-shing, said authorities will provide each registered vehicle the first Vehicle Tag free of charge, with the tags to be mailed to car owners starting next week.

Those who have yet applied can submit their applications online and will take about 5 working days for them to receive the tag, said Yuen.

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