Forty citizens and six organisations commended for helping police fight crime

Forty citizens were presented the Good Citizen Award for assisting the Force in fighting crime and safeguarding the rule of law.

The Good Citizen Award (GCA) Presentation Ceremony 2021 (Phase II), organised by the Hong Kong Police Force, was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on Sunday.

The 40 good citizens were awarded for assisting the police in preventing or detecting cases involving fraud, theft, robbery, wounding, indecent assault and animal abuse.

Some awardees made their contributions to life-saving, in which Yeung Sui-lin was honoured with the “Good Citizen of the Year Award”.

Being a chief building supervisor of a housing estate, Yeung detected residents were at risk in their flats during patrol duty on three occasions. She made a report to the police immediately and successfully saved their lives.

Besides, six organisations were awarded a Good Organisation Award to recognise their efforts in supporting the police’s child protection works.

Noting that the GCA scheme had proven to be a great success since its establishment in 1973, the Acting Commissioner of Police, Lau Chi-wai, said the scheme had extended the synergy effect in promoting crime prevention at both individual and organisational levels.

Also officiating at the ceremony, the Chief Executive Officer of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, George Leung commended the GCA awardees as role models for citizens. He said he hoped that the police, business sector and the public could join hands to make Hong Kong one of the best cities to live and do business.

The GCA Scheme is organised by the Public Relations Wing, sponsored by Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and supported by the Fight Crime Committee.

Each of the awardees received a certificate and HK$3,000. The Good Citizen of the Year Award recipient would also be presented a plaque and HK$4,000. More than 4,500 citizens have been commended over the years.