Former PCCW worker sentenced three months for leaking 4,700 customer's data for HK$4,000 in bribes

Three former employees of PCCW Services Limited (PCCW) were charged with bribery for disclosing information of over 4,700 customers, one of whom accepted HK$4,000 in bribes and was sentenced to three months imprisonment.

Lai Sze-ting, 29, faced his verdict today in West Kowloon Magistrate’s Court, earlier pleading guilty to two charges – one of conspiracy for an agent to accept advantages and one of conspiracy to obtain access to a computer with dishonest intent.

The court learned that Lai, the former junior marketing executive, had accepted two payments totaling HK$4,000 from a former team leader for conducting the searches and disclosing the particulars of over 540 customers from July to October 2018.

The defendant, the team leader, and another former employee of PCCW were charged with bribery and other related offenses for disclosing data of about 4,700 customers, according to the court.

Lau Shing-yan, 36, and Kan Siu-kei, 38, former team leader of the PayTV Department and former sales supervisor of the Direct Sales Department of PCCW, respectively, have had their pleas adjourned to January 6, 2023.