Former Met officer David Carrick locked victim naked inside tiny cupboard

This is the tiny cupboard under the stairs where PC David Carrick locked up one of his victims while she was naked and terrified.

The sadistic Met Police officer, 48, subjected the woman to regular beatings, left her wounded from lashings with a whip, and controlled her life including when and what she ate.

She told police how the PC used the cupboard at his home as a punishment, locking her inside for lengthy periods of time.

“This occurred on a significant number of occasions”, prosecutor Tom Little KC told the Old Bailey.

“One example being when she had ordered a jumper. He said to her that he had not told her to order anything. She had to send the jumper back and he put her in the cupboard.

“Every time this occurred she was made to strip naked. On one occasion she asked to get out as she was having a panic attack. He would not let her out.

“She made herself calm down and he let her out. They did not communicate whilst she was in the cupboard, he would stand outside and whistle at her as if she was a dog.”

In a victim impact statement, the woman said she would receive messages from Carrick “wishing me dead in a car crash”, she was sometimes made to sleep naked on the floor, and was strangled and kicked by the PC.

“The defendant drilled into me he was the police, he was the law, and he owned me”, she said, of the prospect of reporting his behaviour.

“I was terrified of making myself a target so I remained silent.”

Pc David Carrick, right, appearing at Southwark Crown Court in London for sentencing

She said she “became a shadow of my former self” and her self-esteem was “in tatters” after the relationship with Carrick ended.

“It has taken a long time to forgive myself for getting involved with the defendant in the first place”, she added.

“The only feeling I have for the defendant is immense pity for how damaged he really is.”

Carrick is facing a possible life prison sentence for raping, sexually abusing, assaulting, and controlling 12 women across 18 years, during most of his policing career.

On the first day of his sentencing hearing at Southwark crown court, Mr Little revealed how Carrick used cameras rigged up at his home to monitor some of his victims while he was at work.

One of the victims said Carrick referred to him as a “slave” and would become verbally aggressive after drinking heavily.

David Carrick used a whip with metal beads to attack one of the victims

“On one occasion he asked her to take her clothes off and clean the house,” said Mr Little.

“She was scared because he was a police officer and he liked to control her.

“She cleaned the house on a weekly basis. She had a key to the house. Just as with a number of other victims she was aware of cameras in the house.

“(She) knew this because he would send her text messages telling her to get on with work, plainly him having watched her on the cameras.”

One of the women told police how Carrick kept sex toys in a drawer by his bed, including nipple clamps and a whip with strands of metal beads attached to it.

“He had introduced her to the whip early in the relationship and only used it a few times very lightly,” said the prosecutor.

David Carrick had cameras rigged up in his home to monitor his victims

“Later he used it more aggressively - it would cause welts on her bottom - and on at least one occasion he used it on her as punishment when she had done something to upset him.

“He was cross so she ran into another room, he followed her with the whip and started whipping her. She was naked and the incident was very painful.”

Several of Carrick’s offences happened in the bathroom of his home, when he attacked women in the shower or as they used the toilet.

A van arrives to Southwark Crown Court in London earlier

He forced some to drink his urine and displayed a regular interest in anal sex, whether the women consented or not.

Carrick, from Stevenage, was sacked by the Met after he pleaded guilty to 49 offences including 24 counts of rape.

He is due to be sentenced by Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb later this week.