Former FS accuses Unity Gov't of playing know-it-alls & refusing help | Virgin Islands News Online

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Former Financial Secretary (FS) in the Virgin Islands (VI) Mr L. Allen Wheatley has slammed the Dr Natalio D. Wheatley-led Government of National Unity for what he said is their refusal to take advice from experts in the territory, even as the coalition government navigates the last months in office.

“We got enough people out here to help them, but one of the problems I’m having with them is that their acceptance of help is too slow, it is too slow,” Mr Wheatley said in a voice message circulating on social media today, January 13, 2023.

“I lent every piece of experience I had as the FS to do a budget, to do with adjusting budget… Putting a proper budget in place, rectifying any errors of the past, and getting the annual accounts up to date. I have had discussions with the FS.”

Assitance offered to Gov't 

Mr Wheatley added that he has offered any assistance that the Premier would need, and assistance that he is capable of doing to help the government because he believes the Unity Government can do a better job.

“I am doing the best I can do when it comes to financing or others need to come up, legal and otherwise, and help collectively,” he added.

As part of his ignored suggestion, Mr Wheatley said he proposed the establishment of an economic group to help advise on finance and financial development and to create committees to support each ministry. 

He said more suggestions include mechanisms to collect feedback from persons to share information on the needs of the communities in the country as they see it.

Engaging community memebers 

This he related can help enlighten the government about what they need to do to address the concerns of the people.

“So my problem is, you don't want advice. You want to kind of do your thing because you think you know, but nobody knows everything. The only man that was all-knowing was Jesus Christ and Solomon asked for wisdom,” he added.

Mr Wheately said every major decision he made as FS, he sought advice and as such, the Unity Government should take all the help it can get. 

“If you need help, ask for help. If help is being offered, take the help. Why is the help of persons like myself and likewise being sort of marginalised and put aside and dealt with as a matter of convenience? I find that to be disrespectful,” he said.