Flights from HK allowed to land at all airports in Japan

Direct flights from Hong Kong and Macau would be allowed to use all the airports in Japan, and airlines are allowed to resume adding flights, the Japanese government announced Wednesday.

This came after the Japanese authorities restricted direct flights from Hong Kong to only land at Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, Kansai Airport, Chubu Airport, New Chitose Airport, Fukuoka Airport and Naha Airport from December 30.

Japan's government announced that starting from January 8, flights from Hong Kong would be permitted to use all the airports in Japan. It also allowed airlines to resume adding certain flights from Hong Kong to airports in Japan.

Hong Kong government welcomes the relaxations but emphasises that follow-ups would continue such that Japan would rescind all restrictions targeting Hong Kong flights.

After implementing the relaxation measures, the Japanese authorities will still restrict the extent of the increase in the frequency of passenger flights departing from Hong Kong.