The five new arrestees were remanded for questioning and police didn't rule out more arrests to be made, citing other media reports.

Earlier six staffers of Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children were arrested for abusing up to 20 young kids at the care home in Mong Kok. They were each charged with willful assault towards children and were released on bail.

With this five new arrestees, the arrest tally reached 11.

Police earlier said the children, including a one-year-old kid, were all sent to the Hong Kong Children's Hospital after the staffers there poked at their eyes and slapped them.

The Society said they have set up an independent review committee to follow up on the incident. The committee is responsible to find out the cause of the child abuse and assess if other facilities abide by the law and their codes.

The committee will also assess the mental state of staffers and provide necessary support, and provide recommendations to prevent similar incident from happening as well, according to the Society.