Officers arrested three men and two women for obtaining property by deception, blackmailing and money laundering. Three of them are members of the online fraud group and some of them are triad members.

They are suspected of participating in 17 fraud cases, involving around HK$128,000.

Police said that they induced buyers on social media to purchase permits through them as the agents, charging around HK$6,000 to $10,000 for each application.

After the victim has transferred the money, the fraudsters blackmailed the victims to transfer more money, saying they have obtained the buyers’ personal information.

Police also found out that fraudsters have used stooge bank accounts for money laundering. The force estimated that around HK$5.5 million has been laundered, involving other online shopping frauds.

In the operation officers confiscated seven smartphones and mobile devices, and five ATM cards.

Police warned the public that providing false documents could be in violation of the Crimes Ordinance, which carries a maximum penalty of 14-year imprisonment.